Sunday, 27 March 2011

No need for an official title today...

First things first, George the plant has officially died and therefore is no more. (He has however been wrapped in cling film for the past few weeks, so not really that surprising)... Secondly, some more exciting news; some of the Runner Bean seeds have started to sprout and grow roots. Even the ones with fairly limited light and even less oxygen! (Photo updates to follow shortly).

However, back to the research and reference material for my EMP...

I have found a very interesting contemporary photographer called 
Paul Raphaelson.

He is an American artist born in NYC,(1968) best known for his urban landscape photography. 
After moving to Rhode Island, he began producing often dark, complex images depicting urban, suburban and industrial landscapes. 

His work is said to blur the lines between classical formal modernism and the politically aware NEW TOPOGRAPHICS photography from the 1970s. 

I really like his photographs as they are not pretty images. I like the fact that they are 'hard core' urban landscapes, showing scenes that ordinarily may have been ignored if not for Raphaelson's photography. I like the combination of road signs, text (in the first image), greenery etc. His work is also relevant to my EMP as once again, it depicts how nature and greenery is restricted within urban locations.

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