Thursday, 24 March 2011

George Shaw

George Shaw is another artist that I feel is relevant to mention in regards to my work. He is a contemporary artist from Coventry, whom is noted for his highly detailed naturalistic approach as well as his English suburban subject matter. Interestingly, Shaw's preferred method of working is with mini enamel paints; much like those used to paint toy models.

He first attracted attention for painting the estate in which he grew up in the 1970s; The Tile Hill suburb of Coventry.

Once again, I feel Shaw's work supports my work/ photographs from the Negotiated Practice Unit as I focussed on Urban landscapes, high rise buildings and council estates. The main difference between us is methodology rather than the subject matter.

The images above are just a couple of examples of Shaw's enamel landscapes.

(Just  a reminder of one of the photographs used for the negotiated practice)

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