Thursday, 17 March 2011

ALERT! Inspiration Fairy has arrived and I think I have had a breakthrough!

So, after what has felt like ages, I think I have had a breakthrough in where I want my EMP to go, travel, reach by the time of hand-in. Once again through the use of my beautiful DSLR, some good old photography and my creative decisions, I want to explore the idea of Biodiversity, the Green Belt perhaps and basically, how us humans are encroaching on our natural environment. We are creating our own restrictions, due to an increasing population; over housing, building, developing etc. We are taking over ever increasing amounts of natural habitat just to house us people. However in saying that, whatever harm we cause our environment, nature always wins- if it didn't we would have destroyed our planet Earth thousands of years ago. So, in conclusion, I think I am going to create a series of images highlighting the impact that we are having on our natural environment, and how we are RESTRICTING ourselves in the long run by continuing to build developments, housing, car-parks etc.

I was thinking about either making the images into postcards- like a mini awareness campaign in which my postcards would be handed out around university and at the final exhibition. (Recycled card of course, but in conjunction to this, they would also promote my work as an illustrator, hence be used within my Professional Practice Module). I was also thinking about creating one long image; like a false landscape. I think this could be quite effective as many of the photographs work well alongside each other; having a similar atmosphere,hue and colour scheme.

To create my images; I have often combined 2 or 3 original photographs together. Below, you can see how the initial photographs looked and then, when manipulated; the final outcome. I hope you like...

Brownsea Island

A block of flats close to my house in London. (I used some of the photographs from the Negotiated Practice Brief)

The view from my train window when returning back to Bournemouth.


Below is another example of how I have combined three different images to create part of my final piece.

The three images above resulted in the image below...

Some more photographic examples/ EMP experiments are shown below.

The above image along with the previous one would work well as a pair or as a continuation, creating an elongated landscape.

AND FINALLY, once I have selected my favourite images from my collection, I need to decide on which material would be best to print on. I can't decide whether to print them onto heavy, cartridge paper or perhaps even fabric...

As the final part of this process, I want to embroider and stitch the images to highlight specific details- yet, to keep it close to the original title of Restriction; I am going to use restrictive materials such as wire and threads. As part of my exploratory process, I have also been experimenting with which materials are most suitable when attempting to embroider paper! I think the wire and 3D elements will add a more dynamic and experimental technique, turning an ordinary photograph into something creative and unique. (Lets hope so anyway)...

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