Sunday, 20 February 2011

Restriction Continued....

So now that the progress of my EMP is up to date, I thought it would be beneficial to log what my intentions are for the final outcomes. As mentioned several times within my blog, my career aspirations are to go into the creative side of the advertising agency. Hence, I want to direct my work in that direction- probably in the form of an awareness campaign to do with human rights and social restrictions. While doing some contextual research, I did find some previous campaign posters for Anti-slavery by Saatchi & Saatchi and a equal human rights campaign by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Reference Material

As part of my research, I found a couple of artists known as Christo and Jeanne-Claude. They are a married couple whom created environmental pieces of art. Their work includes the wrapping of the Reichstag in Berlin and The Gates in NYC. I thought their work would be an interesting reference point as it is similar to the process I want to use when experimenting with the Rubiks Cube.

Their work is very impressive yet often controversial due to its scale. The artists actually repeatedly deny that their work holds any deeper meaning than the aesthetic value.

178 trees in Berower Park, north east of Basel were wrapped in used 55,000 m2 of silver-grey shiny polyester fabric and 23 km of rope.

I think the work of Christo and Jeanne- Claude will be an interesting reference point as it actually combines my plant experiment nicely with my materials exploration.

The Next Part of the Brief.

The next part of my brief is going to explore various materials and their restrictive properties. For example, I have or am in the process of testing the restrictions of chicken wire, cling film, tape and string. I have bought (and am waiting to be delivered a Rubiks Cube) to which I will test these materials. I will document how well the different materials hold the turning rows in place. I have also began the process of making a bra out of wire to see how restrictive/ malleable the materials can be.

I also bound my hand to limit my movement while drawing to see the effect it would have on the overall outcome of the image.

(This was more of a preliminary test. I will carry out further investigation later on).

George and Rufus Update.

Day 3 and 4 in the conservatory. The light restriction is starting to take its toll on George.

As you can see, his petals are starting to brown. For comparison, the photos of Rufus are below.

A few Bits and Bobettes from the Sketchbook...

Just to keep you in the loop, here are a few images taken from my sketchbook. Initially I was concentrating on the restrictions around mental illness and the likes; and how one can be physically fit, yet mentally trapped.

I was trying to show the physical restrictions of the brain whilst at the same time, trying to illustrate being mentally trapped. I was using the birds as metaphors for freedom while the butterflies  are a symbol of restriction in themselves- as they have a very limited lifespan and spend a significant amount of time trapped in a chrysalis.

In terms of research, I really admire the work of Eduardo Recife. I love his hand rendered text and retro, vintage style of photomontages. Below are some example of his work.

I was also referring to the work of Hattie Stewart for her use of typography and her bright, psychedelic images.

In response to these artists I tried experimenting with my own hand rendered is another image taken from my sketchbook.

Recent work for the Restriction Project:

 So apart from battling with the work load, I have also been fighting a beast of a cold this week. In some ways it has hindered my progress, as I have not been as productive as I would have liked. However, thank goodness for photography- and my love for it. I have been a bit snap happy; recording the plants, the local OAPs and documenting local restrictions around where I live. 

Below are some of the photographs that have been keeping me occupied.  The first set of photographs were taken in Bournemouth town centre. I focussed on the elderly; mobility restrictions and generally how old age restricts ones lifestyle.


These are just a few examples of the photos that I took while documenting the 'old age restrictions'- for example, mobility, restricted sight and hearing and energy to list just a few.

The next set of photographs are not as interesting but they record another type of restriction: primarily in the form of parking restrictions...


And in the form of age restrictions...

And one final restriction that I came across in my photo library:

Thursday, 17 February 2011

DAY 1 of the Restricted light experiment:

So today was the official first recording of how the restricted light was effecting the plants. George, as expected has already started to show the effects of his neglect:

George's petals are starting to brown with the limited light.


George, Day 1:

Where as Rufus' petals are still as white as the day I brought him home:

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Introducing Rufus and George.

As I promised, here are my first photos of my plants, Rufus and George. Rufus is the control experiment where as George will have restricted light. I will document how they change/ progress with the different conditions.

George. Day 1.

Rufus. Day 1.

I have covered George over with a paper bag in which I have cut out 4 peep holes; thus restricted the amount of light access to him. He will be watered every 2 days, like Rufus.

One final Photo of the day:

Rufus being over indulged with some chocolate.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Change of Direction...

So, after last time I was completely and utterly confused about where I wanted to take my EMP. I knew I wanted to start again, but where to start was a question. However, last week I had a mini break through- I decided on a theme/ topic and today I had a slightly bigger breakthrough; with the decision of how to explore my theme in an interesting and hopefully invigorating way.
I hear you ask:

'So What is this interesting new change of direction?'

And my reply is: 'RESTRICTION(S)'.

You may wonder where and why I came up with this theme- and let me explain my thinking...

1. I personally have many dietary and health restriction being diabetic and lactose intolerant and therefore thought I could always resort to the Health Restrictions. And on that note, my brother is Epileptic and thus he also has health restrictions- different from me, but they still restrict his lifestyle. ie. He can't drink alcohol and can't look at flashing lights etc.

2. People suffer from mental and physical health restrictions- in terms of Alzheimer's. People maybe physically fit, but if one suffers from mental illness, they are trapped/restricted mentally. On the physical side of things, I was looking at prosthetic limbs and how mobility can restrict ones lifestyle. In saying that, I also looked into Braille and deafness as a restriction. Due to wanting to focus my future career within the advertising industry; I thought it would be relevant to perhaps devise a campaign targetting amnesty and bringing awareness to the those trapped in terrible social conditions.

3. I also wanted to incorporate my love of photography and thus record the various restrictions within the world we live- even if it is as basic as parking and age restrictions.

4. The last part of my project for now is to explore materials and how they can can be used to restrict other objects. ie. Tape, string, cling film. This too will be documented through photography. It will be more exploratory and investigative and perhaps used as a metaphor for the social status part of the brief...

5. Simultaneously, I have bought two little plants- named Rufus and George. Rufus is plant number one- and will be the control experiment. He will be watered and loved and talked to on a daily basis whereas as George will be neglected. He will be placed under a paper bag and only given limited light. He will not be spoken to but will be my experiment of restricted light. He will be my final experiment and thus used to show the difference between a restricted lifestyle and a non-restricted lifestyle.

However, I could restrict myself in terms of the materials I decide to use; I could set myself the challenge of only blue ink and only use A1 paper for example.

I would also explore things that don't have any restrictions- ie. birds...

So to conclude, I think this could be an interesting brief that offers several possibilities.

You will meet Rufus and George tomorrow when I begin to document their life with and without light through photography.

So for now. Good Night.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

2011 Update.

Hello again! I must apologize for the lack of updates/ posts etc over the past few weeks. The current work load is no excuse to abandon all my loyal followers- please forgive me. However, in saying that, my work load has been IMMENSE. 

Let me start by saying, I hope you had a happy new year- although a month out of date. 2. I hope you will be pleased as pleased as I am to know that the dissertation is now OVER, completed and HANDED IN. NO MORE FORMAL ESSAYS EVER EVER AGAIN. Oh yeah! and 3. I finally sent in my Watford application work yesterday. Another 'Oh yeah'! (It has been ruling my life for the past 4 months, but finally I sent in my creative test- so lets wait and see...)

So there is my 2011 life summary to date. However, now I need to turn my attentions back to Illustration and my Extended Major Project (EMP). Basically, at present it could be described as non-existent, a disaster, a creative failure, a sketchbook travesty...and so I think you get my drift. Its going nowhere. It is for this reason I decided it was time to return to my blog and report on this miserable situation. As requested by my university, we have to fill out learning agreements stating at the start of each brief what we intend to do, research, submit etc etc. At the time, I had decided to base my EMP on cliches. I wanted to select a few over-used phrases and illustrate them through the use of typography and photography; I wanted to mix different ones up and re-create my own. However, when starting the brief, I realized this was harder to achieve than originally thought. I was unsure where to begin, and more importantly, how to make the brief visually interesting rather than a literal description of the meaning of the cliche.

So, after a seminar today, it has been decided that I am going to re-start my EMP with a different brief; I am going to ignore my learning agreement and find a new topic. I AM FREE OF THE CLICHE! I am going to see where my creative juices lead me. (Hopefully all the way to Watford) but in the mean time, I need a theme. I was thinking about 'Ambition'. I am an ambitious person and everyone has their own dreams- so it could be an interesting theme to explore. I may also look at 'Patterns'; referring to either reoccurring patterns of behaviour or just patterns in terms of design. Maybe the Inspiration fairy will visit me in the night? Anyway, I will keep you updated on my EMP progression as it develops.

On a different note, and since last time, I have now returned from the amazing Windy City that is Chicago. The snow luckily didn't effect me too much- nothing a pair of gloves and a hat couldn't handle. :-)
I have been working on my 'invention' and sourcing ways in which it could be taken to market; more research and all that jazz. As I said to a friend yesterday...

There's never any rest for the wicked.

We decided that the phrase doesn't really make that much sense as there shouldn't be any rest for the wicked. However, once again, we're back on the topic of the damn old cliche...

And back to thinking 'outside the damn old box'.