Monday, 7 March 2011

EMP Update


So here is this week's EMP the project is developing, I am thinking a possible slight change of direction towards Biodiversity and looking at how us human's are restricting nature and our environment. 

I have had quite a good week, taking lots of photos and setting up mini experiments at home to explore the theme of restriction. 

As part of my experiments, I have bought some runner bean seeds and put them in various conditions to monitor how different restrictions effect their growth. For example, I have a control experiment seed that has access to normal light conditions, amounts of water and maintained at room temperature. In contrast however, I have 5 other seeds that are being kept in varying conditions; ie. in the fridge; in the depths of a dark drawer and in a sock (for warmth). I have also planted one seed in a piece of bread as a wild experiment...I was actually curious to monitor the 'breaded seed' as 2 out of the 3 conditions were going to be regulated correctly; ie. the seed being watered and kept at room temperature. Will the seed grow, that is the question?

The photographs below were taken for experimental purposes really. I wanted to experiment with various editing techniques while on this photographic journey. However, while experimenting, I thought it would be interesting to use the natural patterns within the leaves in an illustrative way. Perhaps by creating a repetitive design. Just an idea or side project to think about on my way...

The photos below show some examples of nature being restricted by humans. For example, through the use of restrictive materials such as wire, or construction/ building developments.


As part of my 'Restrictive exploration' I decided to wrap our garden hedge in cling film. (Photos below. Once again, I was also experimenting with photographic techniques too). I also did this to a couple of Daffodil plants in our garden.(I did feel a bit mean interfering with nature, but all in the name of my EMP)! I did this once again to document the outcome when restricting the amount of oxygen available to the plants. In regards to the Daffs; due to the humidity of the plastic, the buds opened up significantly faster than the ones not wrapped in plastic. 

The Cling-Filmed Hedge!

I feel a complete prat with capital 'P' posting these photographs on my blog, but once again, I was trying to prove a point/ carry out a serious illustration experiment!
I decided to wrap myself up in cling film, (thus restricting my movement and limiting myself to the use of one arm) while trying to make a cup of tea followed by the washing up. The process could definitely be describes as interesting...

The photo above shows me hobbling, rather than walking into the kitchen from the conservatory...

Above: Waiting for the kettle to boil!

The photographs below document Stage 2 of my Plant/ Nature Restrictive experiments. This time however,  I decided to advance the process by building my own mini indoor garden. I therefore had a restricted space, whilst also trying to restrict the area in which the Ivy could grow by using some garden wire. 



Once again, I was trying to prove the point or make the comparison between body restrictions- and therefore researched into African head-dresses; corsets and the native neck and jar stretching. I used a piece of the garden wire around m neck while pottering around the kitchen last weekend. I also tried to drink a glass of water; which was not easy! More ended up down me than in my mouth!


Apologies...another awful photograph of me. From here on in, they are thankfully all of landscapes and picturesque scenery!


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