Thursday, 31 March 2011

And I forgot to Say...

My Business cards arrived (very exciting)... 


with some advice, I have decided to print my final 9 EMP images onto a type of double laminated foamboard. As I stated previously, I definitely don't want the photographs framed, and by using this method of printing, it keeps the images looking contemporary.(I just need to ensure that the corners don't get bent)... It also gives me the flexibility when arranging the images as I haven't decided on the layout yet; I may position the photos together to create a panoramic landscape as I won't have any heavy frames dividing up the image. Moreover, I may decide to display all the photos separately anyway?

My only concern is that the foamboard is too thin a material- and therefore, the images will be too flat against the wall when exhibited. Ideally, I would like the images to be printed on something with a depth of a couple of centimeters. So, on that basis, some more research will need to be undertaken in regards to various foamboards and their properties! However, at present, I am content with the idea of having 9 images on a foam like material...

Anyway, the printing is courtesy of a company called FLUX, based in Boscombe, Dorset. 

And on a completely random, off topic note:

I really like the Google logo/image today. 

I think it's really clever and interesting. I am always amazed at how one can combine/position objects together to create another image; or in this case, alphabetical characters. Big up to the Google! 

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