Sunday, 20 February 2011

A few Bits and Bobettes from the Sketchbook...

Just to keep you in the loop, here are a few images taken from my sketchbook. Initially I was concentrating on the restrictions around mental illness and the likes; and how one can be physically fit, yet mentally trapped.

I was trying to show the physical restrictions of the brain whilst at the same time, trying to illustrate being mentally trapped. I was using the birds as metaphors for freedom while the butterflies  are a symbol of restriction in themselves- as they have a very limited lifespan and spend a significant amount of time trapped in a chrysalis.

In terms of research, I really admire the work of Eduardo Recife. I love his hand rendered text and retro, vintage style of photomontages. Below are some example of his work.

I was also referring to the work of Hattie Stewart for her use of typography and her bright, psychedelic images.

In response to these artists I tried experimenting with my own hand rendered is another image taken from my sketchbook.

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