Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Change of Direction...

So, after last time I was completely and utterly confused about where I wanted to take my EMP. I knew I wanted to start again, but where to start was a question. However, last week I had a mini break through- I decided on a theme/ topic and today I had a slightly bigger breakthrough; with the decision of how to explore my theme in an interesting and hopefully invigorating way.
I hear you ask:

'So What is this interesting new change of direction?'

And my reply is: 'RESTRICTION(S)'.

You may wonder where and why I came up with this theme- and let me explain my thinking...

1. I personally have many dietary and health restriction being diabetic and lactose intolerant and therefore thought I could always resort to the Health Restrictions. And on that note, my brother is Epileptic and thus he also has health restrictions- different from me, but they still restrict his lifestyle. ie. He can't drink alcohol and can't look at flashing lights etc.

2. People suffer from mental and physical health restrictions- in terms of Alzheimer's. People maybe physically fit, but if one suffers from mental illness, they are trapped/restricted mentally. On the physical side of things, I was looking at prosthetic limbs and how mobility can restrict ones lifestyle. In saying that, I also looked into Braille and deafness as a restriction. Due to wanting to focus my future career within the advertising industry; I thought it would be relevant to perhaps devise a campaign targetting amnesty and bringing awareness to the those trapped in terrible social conditions.

3. I also wanted to incorporate my love of photography and thus record the various restrictions within the world we live- even if it is as basic as parking and age restrictions.

4. The last part of my project for now is to explore materials and how they can can be used to restrict other objects. ie. Tape, string, cling film. This too will be documented through photography. It will be more exploratory and investigative and perhaps used as a metaphor for the social status part of the brief...

5. Simultaneously, I have bought two little plants- named Rufus and George. Rufus is plant number one- and will be the control experiment. He will be watered and loved and talked to on a daily basis whereas as George will be neglected. He will be placed under a paper bag and only given limited light. He will not be spoken to but will be my experiment of restricted light. He will be my final experiment and thus used to show the difference between a restricted lifestyle and a non-restricted lifestyle.

However, I could restrict myself in terms of the materials I decide to use; I could set myself the challenge of only blue ink and only use A1 paper for example.

I would also explore things that don't have any restrictions- ie. birds...

So to conclude, I think this could be an interesting brief that offers several possibilities.

You will meet Rufus and George tomorrow when I begin to document their life with and without light through photography.

So for now. Good Night.

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