Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Why Should you Never Under-estimate a Handsome Bear?

Today I was on an almighty mission to get my new illustration brief underway and to use this idea for one of my Watford application questions. 

My idea and my daily challenge was to create a life-sized cardboard bear that would then be put into odd and unusual locations whilst filming people's reactions. My idea was to show that although the bear is obviously harmless, the shock of seeing the bear in random places will cause reactions. Thus 'never under-estimate' the power of the bear and where he might appear.

I am hoping to take him food shopping and to introduce him to the delights of Waitrose, perhaps a trip  in to town and to the local cinema, and who knows...wait and see where he may pop up?

The end result will hopefully be a fun and witty DVD exploring the  potential within film, documentation and perhaps animation. 

The photos above show my initial stages at creating my life size bear. Image 1. shows my very initial outline of the bear, and took me back to my youth whilst relying on the good old OHP- (Over-Head Projector). Image 2, shows the vast piece of cardboard on my sitting room floor once I had developed the drawing using acrylic paint. 

While the paint is drying, I am writing this post, and contemplating whether or not to add white paint to emphasize the highlights? 

The next step will be the almighty task of cutting the bear out before we can let him loose on the streets of Bournemouth Town...

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