Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fred Goes for his First Outing!

Firstly, I want to introduce  you all the Fred the bear. My housemates and I named him as we felt it only right that he had a name!

So once I had completed the process of cutting fred out, it was time for his first outing- Abi (my fellow housemate and my technological advisor) set him among the streets of Winton. We filmed him in the supermarket, at the bus stop and generally just causing reactions and mischief in the streets. This was the first process- as over the next few days I will position him in various locations before I cut and edit the footage. So far, this has been a fun and experimental process as I am using digital techniques that I haven't used before. 

I have also been pre-occupied with completing my eighth out of 10 application questions. Today I was working on the tarantula one, I finally finished. I hope my sense of humour and originality comes 
across in my design concepts. I fear that the next question is not going to be so easy to tackle...

How to Promote Cliff Richard as Prime Minister?

The above image shows Fred the Bear waiting to leave the house.

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