Sunday, 10 October 2010

Still Struggling with Cliff but Fred goes Far!

So at the moment I am feeling in an awkward junction in my creative practice- I have one project that appears to moving onwards quite smoothly, while the other one is stuck majorly in a rut. 
Yesterday, I took Fred out again to shoot some more footage for my DVD, and then started to edit it. It has been a really fun process for me as I have never done anything like this before. My only criticism is that I don't have enough technical knowledge to perhaps make the film a little more creative. But as they say...its all a learning curve.

On the other hand, my Cliff Richard for PM campaign is as stagnant as a stale pond, and really does not seem to be progressing. I am seriously at a loose end and am not sure what approach I want to take. I could go down the music route, the religious route or just compare him to some seriously unpopular previous PMs! (we've had enough of them)!

Anyway, on a more positive note, I have found some really funky illustrators via a blog called 
An illustrator called Hattie Stewart really caught my attention- she has recently graduated from Kingston University and has already worked for some major clients; including Luella, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Illustrated People. Some of her sketchbook work is shown below- I love her funky, crazy bright colours, her wild imagination and her psychedelic style.

Another illustrator that caught my eye over the past few days is a  French Illustrator call Seb Cazes. I love his simple use of colour and materials- using collage and text in a really effective way. His work really inspired me as his style is a similar way to the way I like to work; fine liner, brown paper and a little acrylic paint! His work also incorporates a lot of text, which is another interest/ fascination of mine. I love to experiment with typography and see how far letterforms can be described as art forms in their own right.
The images below show some examples taken from Seb Cazes' sketchbooks.

So for the meantime, I will say ciao and get cracking with Cliff! Ciao..

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