Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I am Loving the New Yeo Valley Ad..

My ad of the moment is the new Yeo Valley milk rap. I first saw it during one of the commercial breaks during Saturday's x-factor and thought that it was genius. I love the humour behind it, as well as it being a slightly different approach than 'drink the white stuff'. In the words of Simon Cowell...'it's just so current'.

If we're talking great current ads at the moment, I also have to say how much I like both of the Ikea adverts. The one with the cats and the one about the kitchens. I think they're both very inventive and really show Ikea to be as creative as their ads. Much like the Yeo Valley ad, I think the backing music really makes the advert up-tempo and cool! The cats definitely made me 'HAPPY INSIDE'- and I'm more of a dog person! 

The Ikea Happy Cats...

And the Ikea Kitchen Party!

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