Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Catch up.

Its been about a week since I last updated the Blog- and what a busy week it's been. My postcards have now arrived and they do look good- even if I say so myself. So much so that I am now unsure whether I should print the final images for the exhibition on a semi gloss paper or 100% matte? decisions decisions...
I have also been preparing for my Watford interview and reading up on all the major ad agencies within the UK; all the creatives and which agency have which clients. My main struggle has been remembering all the abbreviations for the firms. For example, BMB, BBH, TBWA and WCRS. I still need to wise up on my advertising history...for example the WCRS Dambusters advert for Carling Black Label. (Apparently the most expensive advert ever made).

The above image is a clip from the famous Dambusters advert.

To continue on my theme of 'cool' Google images, I have one more to upload from the weekend. They have definitely proved to be a point of discussion between me and my friends! 

Going back to the theme of advertising, I just want to alert you to the new T-Mobile advert- a brilliantly funny Royal Wedding some what piss take. (Please excuse the language). It definitely made me chuckle when I saw it. The advert shows Royal look-a-likies bopping/ dancing down the red carpet at the church; they are so accuate, its hard to believe that its not Camilla enjoying a little grove!

The clip above shows 'Prince Charles' and 'Camilla' sharing a romantic wiggle'...

The Whole 'Royal Clan'.

Thats over and out folks!

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