Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Sun is out and the Beans are growing.

Its been about 10 days since I last checked on the beans, and there have 'bean' some major changes. Sorry for the awfully bad pun! Below are some of the photographs to document their progression.

The photos above show the seed that has had access to normal light conditions and has been maintained at room temperature. In contrast however, the pictures below document the seed that has been kept in the fridge. (Therefore restricted temperature). I am still surprised at how much the seed has grown despite the harsh conditions of the fridge drawer!

So that's it for today with the beans folks! Got to get on with some interview preparation for Watford! Scary stuff.

The only thing I have 'bean' considering (sorry, couldn't resist), is whether I should exhibit any of the Bean Seed photographs at the end of year show? I really like some of the pictures and think they make interesting images, yet I am unsure whether they would fit/ work alongside my landscape photographs. Something to think about I suppose.

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