Sunday, 3 April 2011

Christine Hargreaves- Illustrator

Even though I have used photography all the way through my EMP, it has not stopped me researching, commenting and noting down other illustrators that have caught my eye. My latest addition is an illustrator called


I really like her simple, yet delicate approach to her drawings/ collages. Much of her work is based on wildlife, with birds being the subject matter for many of her images. She also divides her time between children's narrative illustrations and more sophisticated adult illustrations. 

Her main influences include landscape and the environment with a strong sense of colour. She primarily uses printing and painting techniques to create her images. I have added a couple of Hargreaves' illustrations below:

Once again, due to her subject matter of birds and Sparrows more specifically, I thought a reference to Hargreaves work would be quite relevant- especially as they are fairly endangered in urban, heavily built up areas; thus linking back to Biodiversity and the likes.

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