Friday, 17 December 2010

Reporting from the Windy City

So, here I am writing from across the pond in the amazing city that is Chicago. I love it here. No matter how many times I visit (due to having family here) I get just as excited. The people, the atmosphere, the Christmassy-ness, just everything about the place makes me all happy. I feel that I am in one of those 'chocolate box' winter Christmas movies- (Home Alone-esque). I think the only thing that would make my Christmas visits even more special was if I was young enough to still believe in Santa!

To be honest, the prime reason for this visit was for medical purposes, but it doesn't stop me enjoying the chicago festivities. I took my first walk downtown today, ventured into the wonderdul Walgreens. The store that possibly stocks a little bit of everything. Oh the american-ness. I could live here, at least for a period of time. Ideally, I  would like to have an internship at the Chicago branch of JWT. And yes, although it is the vacation period, the work doesn't stop. I still need to complete my 10 questions- slowly but surely getting there.

The photo above is of The Bean. It is located in the Millenium Park opposite my Uncle's office- (on Randolph and Michigan Avenue).
The Bean is just one example of the art that Chicago has to offer. It boasts several art galleries; including The Chicago Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art-where I saw an artist called Richard Tuttle. (At the time, I didn't really understand his work, although when I later read up on him, I found his work to be very interesting. He experiments and explores the boundaries between what is a painting and what is a sculture. ie. what makes something 2D or 3D? Definitely wirth a 'Google').

An example of Richard Tuttle's work- combining painting and sculpture.

Chicago is also home to thousands of theatres- in which I have seen one of my favourite shows of all time- Spamalot. A pure comical, musical masterpiece. One for all and all for one...

Unfortunately, due to my ever increasing work load and sometimes procrastinating skills, I haven't brought my beauty of a camera this trip. She is being greatly missed as I love a bit of experimental photography. I figured I should prioritize my advertising work and dissertation before I started playing with apertures, ISOs and depths of fields...

On another note however, I am now also in the process of becoming an Inventor. Yep, an Inventor. I have designed a product and am currently awaiting patenting. So for now, the product is still highly secret and confidential, although I'm hoping one day it will bring me my first of many millions! (Well, if not, it's still something to add to my CV).

So for now, I shall love and leave you from the Windy City. (At least with the time difference, I'm not writing my blog at 4am)!

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