Tuesday, 7 December 2010

ONE DOWN AND ONE TO GO....(Breath and Sigh and Relax)

So today was the day. The day that I had been working towards. HAND-IN. At 14.00 hrs sharp, in the studio and don't be late. Everything all boxed up in our new 20L plastic submission boxes, very posh but very organized. One brief down and one to go till my wonderful student years come to an end. (very sad...sob...sob)
Anyway, there is no time for sadness now as I need to get cracking, writing, planning, you name it, I gotta do it on my Final Major Project. And like usual when faced with the immense challenge of creating a brief, my mind goes into over-drive and over-thinking about what would make a good brief, what won't, what will excite and awake my creative illustrative/ advertising juices- what do I want to spend my next 5 months working towards? What is going to get me a f**king good degree grade? Well at present, at the ripe old hour of 04.38 in the morning, I have convinced myself that I am going to explore the term


I hate hate this term with a passion because what is the bloody box? Where is the box, who decided what the box is and where the boundaries lie between being inside it and outside it? Its like the other overly irritating phrase about more bloody boxes... 'ticks all the right boxes'. Once again, who organized and designed what boxes should be ticked? So in my box rant, I feel I could explore this theme through the use of photography, line drawings, taking inspiration from my Christmas travels to Chicago, looking at landscapes, locations, various boxes albeit post-boxes, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes etc. Who Knows? I don't. I just know I hate boxes- unless of course my thought process is so much so, I am just slightly 'outside the box' and I get my place at Watford advertising and copywriting. And on that note, I need to incorporate my future career prospects within this brief, so perhaps a hint of typography may appear, illustrations for advertising. I don;t know, once again, I need to sort my head into various lists, action plans and deadlines.

Incase you're wandering, I am still struggling along with completing my creative test for Watford. I have answered all the questions now but they need to be re-drafted, worked upon and improved before submission. I also need to come up with my own ad campaigns for my portfolio- so I have decided to work with products I enjoy/ like for some and for others, once again, I have tried to think outside the damn box, so have chosen more obscure items. Like shoelaces and a dog lead. Hay ho ho ho...Merry Xmas everyone.

I may just mention, that i had another Design Buddy meeting the other day with Richard Gregory which proved overly beneficial. He alerted me to some typography layout rules, creative decisions and overall advice about my application work. Another meeting is hopefully going to be organized for the middle of Jan, so will keep you updated on any further progress...

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