Saturday, 27 November 2010

My Dark Side 'Shines' Through- All in the name of creativity.

So the count down for critiques, predicted grades and hand-ins is fast approaching. A little too fast for my liking to be honest. Once again, the battle of the briefs is more of a problem...which to do now and which to leave for later. Apart from this, the question of my future career prospects is also looking doubtful in this dog-eat-dog world. (Although I love dogs) Why is everything so damn hard sometimes- even for an unpaid internship in a PR company. Granted, they do pay for your lunch. I have to answer these 6 ridiculous questions, which of course means another bout of 'thinking outside the box' and 'no answer is a wrong answer, just be different'... la la la. So someone please tell me, what one can get from 'What is your favourite Christmas song and why?' Anyway, what has to be done and all that jazz.

Back to the drawing board so to speak and my illustration work. I am compiling a so-called children's activity book with a very sinister edge. An edge that describes the negatives behind living in London's council estates. Death, drugs, gangs ect. I decided to use the style of a children's bumper book as I wanted it to suggest the loss of youth by getting involved with London's gang culture. All of the games are associated with the lifestyle of gang culture. for example, one task is to colour in 5 different syringes.

The left hand page is obviously the syringes, while the right hand side shows Benjy's stolen bike. This activity involves counting how many different circles are hidden within the image.

Another example of an activity is to unlock the door by solving the maths questions.

I still need to work out my maths questions!

So, I must get back to work for now and get thinking about which celeb I would most like to be and why; an ad campaign for Hovis bread, maths questions and maze routes to get the criminal to his chest of weapons and so on...

So, bye folks and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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