Thursday, 2 September 2010

This brief was entitled Word and Image and the concept behind it was to illustrate our selected text. My text was about a lover waiting for their partner to return. It was repetitive, and rhythmic, almost like you could hear the lover pacing up and down. The themes of love, despair, love and hate were all consistent throughout the verses. I wanted to explore typography in the project; and see how far text and typography could be considered art forms in their own right. I also wanted to experiment with a 3D object, rather than always limiting myself to pen and paper. I wanted to see if this could add another dimension to the piece of work. I wanted to encapsulate the idea of time passing and the desperation that the lover was experiencing in a more abstract way.

I began to think about the repetitive 'tick tock' that a clock makes and how it has the same rhythm of a quick pace. ie. left foot, right foot, left, right, tick, tock and so on. It was for this reason I decided on a pair of shoes to illustrate my text.

I really enjoyed working on this piece as it something I had not experimented with before.

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